Sony’s New Slimline L500 Series Components Will Featuring Hard Disk Audio Recorder, Compact Size, Stylish Design

Sony Europe is planning to release a new series of home A/V components in September 2003, for integration within its WEGA Theater concept (Sony Europe’s marketing concept that emphasizes the breadth and style of Sony’s offerings for all aspects of home theater, including TV, DVD, AV receivers, and surround speaker systems).

The new L500 Series will include a hard disk audio recorder, designated the HAR-LH500, as well as the DVP-LS500 DVD-video player, and the STR-LV500 A/V receiver.

L500 components are aimed at the design-driven consumer. They will make use of miniaturized components and innovative construction methods to create some of Sony’s slimmest-ever home entertainment products.

Sony Europe's new L500 Series A/V receiver and DVD player emphasize compact size and stylish appearance, to fit the WEGA Theatre concept

“The L500 Series provides high-end facilities in an exceptionally stylish format,” explains Jeffry van Ede, director of Sony Home Audio Video Europe.

“This range is specifically designed to meet the discerning tastes of the European market. Whether its Stockholm, Paris or Madrid, these models look great in the design-influenced European home.”

HAR-LH500 Hard Disk Audio Recorder

The HAR-LH500 will be a 60GB mass-storage recorder, providing capacity for up to 1000 albums on a compact device.

As might be expected from Sony, the recorder uses Sony’s own ATRAC 3 audio compression, rather than a more commonplace stnadard such as MP3, to maximize the storage capacity of the drive. Sony claims ATRAC 3 will provide superior playback quality and optimum data compression.

Numerous input options on the HAR-LH500 will include a built-in CD tray, providing 12x high speed copying direct from CD. Also on-board – optical and analog inputs to accommodate other feeds such as tape players and record decks.

Integrating the HAR-LH500 alongside a PC is straightforward using the supplied PC Link kit. The recorder comes with Sony’s M-crew software, which can be used to edit, rearrange and shuffle the music recorded on to the hard disc, controlled by a PC.

The unit will come with a large factory-installed database of artist and album information, which can be linked to the music stored on the disc. This information will then appear on screen whenever a particular artist, album or track is played.

STR-LV500 A/V Receiver

Despite a profile of just 64.5mm, the STR-LV500 provides 5.1 multi-channel surround sound with 5 x 50W (DIN) power output. Sony’s integrated S-Master digital amplifier delivers powerful sound reproduction from a small chassis. The unit offers the usual complement of AV inputs and outputs, and handles the most popular surround sound formats, including Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby ProLogic II, as well as Sony’s Digital Cinema EX. The STR-LV500 also includes an RDS radio tuner with 30 pre-set channel settings.

DVP-LS500 DVD Player

Featuring a similarly slim profile, the DVP-LS500 DVD player is capable of playing back DVD-Video, Video CD, Super Video CD (SVCD), DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW and MP3-CD format discs – but not Sony’s Super Audio CD format (SACD).

Sony’s Precision Drive2 system compensates for disc warp and other disc imperfections ensuring reliable playback. The system includes a High-Speed Stepping motor, and a Dynamic Tilt Compensation mechanism provides faster and more accurate tracking of playback of DVDs, while a Twin Laser pick-up enhances playback of CD-R/RW discs. A range of outputs, including optical, S-Video and component video, enhances integration options to other AV equipment.

The STR-LV500, DVP-LS500 and HAR-LH500 will be available throughout Europe from September 2003.

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