Delphi Will Demonstrate High-Tech Car Entertainment Options at CES

Delphi Corp. will demonstrate cutting-edge mobile car sound entertainment technology in several showcase vehicles at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The demos include Delphi’s Premium Audio System with DVD-Audio (DVD-A) playback; and a rear-seat entertainment system with DVD video and XM Satellite Radio.

Delphi is one of the first companies to demonstrate the high-quality digital audio of an internal DVD-A playback system for the vehicle. The Delphi DVD-Audio system was developed specifically for the automotive environment. It enhances the standard 44.1 KHz, two-channel mode CD format to a 96 KHz, six-channel mode.

The high-resolution reproduction of DVD-Audio provides greater sound field control, and enhanced musical or sound clarity.

The system also includes a 14-channel amplifier and a powerful subwoofer with rich, extended bandwidth.

“DVD-A is the future of audio reproduction,” says Dr. Robert Schumacher, business line executive for Delphi Delco Electronics Systems wireless products. “Delphi understands consumer expectations from the most casual listener to the most sophisticated audiophile. With our DVD-A designed for the vehicle, and its realistic sound reproduction, we are able to help satisfy the expectations of all types of listeners.”

According to Dr. Schumacher, DVD-A is expected to revolutionize album recording with the capability to include several versions of an album on the disc. Optional versions may include a super high-end surround sound version as well as video clips.

In another demonstration vehicle, Delphi is showing how integration can bring more choice to car occupants. Delphi’s rear-seat entertainment system with DVD-video playback integrated into the radio unit, and a low profile, factory-installed seven-inch display in the vehicle’s headliner, means space-saving styling, simpler production and cost savings. This vehicle also includes an XM satellite radio with the receiver integrated into the radio unit, eliminating the need for a separate receiver box.

The Delphi Fuba Reception Systems and TV tuner on this vehicle bring access to television programming, too. The reception system provides the on-screen menu driven by the TV tuner and a vehicle-specific independent audio and video diversity antenna system. Using up to four separate antennas, the multi-antenna diversity system evaluates and selects the strongest TV transmission signal to help provide and maintain the highest quality reception possible in a moving vehicle. The signal is directed to the remote TV tuner that works with the rear-seat display system.

With all these entertainment options in one vehicle, rear-seat passengers can use wireless headphones and a remote control to enjoy a DVD movie or TV programming while other occupants can experience XM’s 101 channels of satellite radio programming.

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