MODE 1.0 from Cycling ’74 Brings 5 New Audio Plug-ins to Mac OS X (VST, MAS, and RTAS)

Cycling ’74, the good folks behind the Max/MSP graphical programming environment for audio and MIDI, and the enormous Pluggo collection of Max/MSP-based plug-ins, is preparing to publish MODE 1.0, a set of five unique instrument and effect plug-ins for Mac OS X.

MODE is being developed for Cycling ’74 by CreativeSynth Development, a programming team based in Boulder, Colorado. CreativeSynth does commercial and custom software products for musicians, sound designers, and other music technology professionals.

The MODE 1.0 package will include three virtual instruments and two effects units for VST, MAS and RTAS host applications. Cycling ’74 expects to begin selling the new software in the 3rd quarter of 2003, at a suggested retail price of $295 (US).

The MODE collection includes:

BANG: A single-voice percussion module that combines sample playback, FM synthesis, and analog-modeling drum synthesis, for sounds ranging from simple emulation to brand-new percussive hybrids.

The BANG percussion module

MONO: A monophonic synthesizer that combines the ease of use and warm filter effects of an analog synthesizer, with the control and clarity of an FM engine, for an instrument that is equally at home in the studio or on stage.

The MONO synth plug-in

POLY: A versatile polyphonic synthesizer loosely based on classic DCO synths. POLY uses waveforms sampled from some of the most popular vintage digital and analog instruments and features a unique polyphonic arpeggiator.

The POLY module is loosely based on classic DCO synths

SPIN: A rhythm-based effects processor that features a state-variable filter, panning effects, rhythmic gating, delay, distortion and bit-reduction for sounds that range from subtle modification to extreme abuse.

The SPIN rhythm effects processor

WASH: A unique new effects processor built around an interconnected network of 6 fully-controllable recirculating delay lines. More than a mere effect, WASH is an instrument in its own right-capable of anything from simple multi-tap delay textures to hour-long walls of morphing feedback.

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