TC Electronic Reverb 4000 Delivers System 6000 Sound Quality and Presets in a Lower-Cost Package

TC Electronic will soon deliver its new Reverb 4000 processor (due 1st quarter 2003), one of the most talked-about new pro audio products launched at the Winter NAMM show in January.

The Reverb 4000 is a single-engine stereo version of TC’s high-end System 6000 multichannel processor, offering a selection of the best stereo reverbs and presets from both System 6000 and TC’s M5000, plus emulations of classic processors such as the EMT plate reverb.

If you don't need the System 6000's surround capabilities, the lower-priced Reverb 4000 offers the same rich sound and true stereo operation at 24/96 resolution

The new 4000 is targeted at recording studio and live stage applications where you want the rich spaciousness and character of the System 6000, but you don’t need the 6000’s multichannel surround capabilites.

The single rack space module is a true stereo processor, which means you can use its stereo algorithms to enhance stereo source material, or apply discrete processing to two separate mono inputs. It features 24-bit AD/DA converters, and operates at sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz.

The back panel is loaded with I/O options, including AES/EBU, S/PDIF, word clock, TOS-Link and ADAT digital I/O, balanced stereo analog ins and outs on XLR, plus MIDI and USB connectors.

TC Electronic is promoting the 4000’s easy-to-use, instant-access front panel interface as a big plus for live venue applications (switch among preset effects with a single button touch), alongside the option of using the supplied ICON software editor for detailed algorithm and preset editing on either Mac or PC (via USB), in workstation and studio environments.

Included in the Reverb 4000’s pallette of reverbs, effects and capabilities: generic reverbs providing ‘polished sustain,’ vintage reverb emulations, true stereo reverbs of several flavours, favourite presets and algorithms from classic TC processors, mono reverbs covering arbitrary formats, credible environments ranging from claustrophobic rooms to outdoor scenarios, and analog domain converter scaling with lots of headroom.

Reverb 4000 Feature Summary

  • true stereo reverbs from the System 6000
  • new pristine stereo reverb
  • favorite presets and algorithms from the M5000
  • realistic environments from a closet to a canyon
  • VSS-4, source-based reverb providing rooms with character
  • classic reverbs providing Polished Sustain
  • vintage reverb emulations including EMT 250
  • instant access user interface
  • 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz sample rates and 24-bit processing
  • one engine, massive SRAM, no compromise design
  • digital and analog wide dynamic range design
  • Mac/PC TC ICON editor program included
  • 24-bit AES/EBU, Tos-Link, S/PDIF, ADAT and analog I/O

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