Blue Circle Audio Now Distributes Audiomeca Reference-Quality CD Player & Turntables in Canada

Blue Circle Audio, the Canadian manufacturer of high-end tube and hybrid tube/solid-state audio electronics, has announced that it is now the Canadian distributor for Audiomeca products.

Audiomeca's Mephisto CD Player features a custom-built transport mechanism, low-jitter performance, all-gold connectors

The Audiomeca line-up of reference-standard analog and digital sources, developed by Pierre Lurne in France, make a great complement to Blue Circle’s own range of audiophile electronics.

Audiomeca makes several CD players and transports (Keops, Mephisto II.X), a DVD player with enhanced audio capabilities (Kimera), a digital-to-analog convertor(Enkianthus.X), turntables and tonearms (Romance, J1), generally priced in the $3,000 – $10,000 (CDN) range.

Blue Circle specializes in amplifiers in a wide variety of configurations, including preamps; monoblock, stereo and multichannel power amps; and integrated amps. Blue Circle also makes a solid-state phono stage, power line conditioning systems, cables and related accessories.

Blue Circle Audio Web Site

Audiomeca Web Site

Audiomeca's Romance Turntable and Romeo Tonearm

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