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Thursday, June 13

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Welcome to AudioWorld!

AudioWorld has been providing up-to-date news, information and a searchable directory of all things audio longer than any other continuing Web publication... since April of 1996, in fact - practically the dawn of the World Wide Web!

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Think of us as the Yahoo! of audio!

In a nutshell, AudioWorld provides two key resources of interest to all audio enthusiasts, audio and music industry professionals, DIY audio hobbyists, audiophiles, music downloaders, home recordists, Hi-Fi afficionados — anyone with a keen interest in audio.

1) The Biggest and Best Directory of Audio Web Sites in the World! Nearly 4,000 great sites, hand edited, described and rated. Whether you're looking for manufacturers or retailers of hi-fi and home theater gear, a recording studio or CD mastering & duplication facility, or an audio industry training program, you'll find it in the AudioWorld Directory.

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2) Daily Digest of Audio News and Information! Constantly updated with capsule descriptions and links to the hottest stories of the day, drawn from an eclectic selection of sources worldwide, selected and edited by our staff. Stories are organized chronologically, with the most recent stories at the top of the page; and by "channel" (Pro Audio, Hi-Fi, Home Theater, Desktop Audio , MP3, AudioBiz, MusicBiz, Net/Online Audio, Car Audio).

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