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  Top: Pro Audio: Technologies

Pro Audio : Technologies

a2b music  - a2b music enables recording artists, record companies, retailers, broadcasters and publishers to market and distribute secure, CD-quality music direct to consumers using technology developed by AT&T Labs.
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AKM Semiconductor  - Maker of mixed signal audio and video chips. DACs, ADCs, Codecs, SPDIF/DSP, for professional, consumer, automotive and PC audio applications. USA
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Ambisonic Network  - Articles and information on Ambisonic Surround Sound. Compiled by engineer/producer Richard Elen, who has more than 20 years of experience using the system. Includes references to hardware that implements Ambisonics (Meridian, Soundfield Research, Lake DSP etc.), FAQ, discography, introductory and technical articles. Also some coverage of DVD-Audio issues. UK.
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Analog Devices: Audio Solutions  - Audio chips and chipsets from the Software & Systems Tech Division of Analog Devices Inc. Chipsets and design are based on ADI's programmable, 32-bit floating-point general-purpose DSP. SHARC technology, with support for MPEG Audio I/II, Dolby Digital, Extended Csound, HDCD, and Lucasfilm THX.
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Antex Digital Audio  - Developer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of digital audio sound cards, satellite receivers and Internet appliances for professional audio, broadcast, and home entertainment sectors. Gardena, CA.
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Apogee Technology  - Direct Digital Amplification (DDX) technology. Since 1995, Apogee has focused exclusively on development and distribution of our patented all-digital amplifier design, which preserves pure digital sound from source to speakers, while easing power supply requirements and simplifying packaging. Norwood, MA.  choice 
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APT - Audio Processing Technology  - Manufacturer of audio codecs for the transmission of high quality audio using the unique APT-X algorithm: negligible coding delay and robustness to multiple coding. OEM licensing.
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Audio Processing Technology (APT)  - At the forefront of digital audio compression technology, supplying leading'manufacturers of professional broadcast equipment throughout the world. The apt-X compression algorithm has been designed to permit professional grade digital audio to be'carried over low-capacity channels. The apt-X technology is supplied to OEM's in a variety of forms from component level through PCB subassemblies to complete systems. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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AudioSoft  - Digital voice and data recorders for commerce, defense, air traffic control and contact center applications. Record, play back a wide range of data from simple audio bandwidth signals (0 - 3.4 Khz) to wide bandwidth signals (up to 1 Mhz). Verbal contract recording, business risk protection, regulatory compliance and dispute management. Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK.
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Aureal Semiconductor  - Designs, develops and markets advanced audio semiconductor and software solutions for the PC and consumer electronics markets. Key technology is A3D HRTF-based surround sound simulation for PC's.
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Boom Juice Audio Speaker Cone Conditioner  - Save Your Speakers! NST has developed a new audio product, BOOM JUICE, the only audio speaker cone rebuilder in the world. Patented, trademarked, and independently tested, BOOM JUICE gives you the option: buy new, or strengthen your cones to 390% above their original value. Better sound is a spray away! Orange, CA.
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Burr-Brown Corporation  - Chips, components and parts for exacting audio applications, as well as communications, power management and data conversion. DACs, ADCs, CODECs, audio op-amps and pre-amps. Tucson, AZ.
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Central Research Laboratories (CRL)  - Developer of Sensaura 3D-sound technology for full 360-degree simulated sound placement in recording and mixing applications.
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Comparisonics  - Innovations in audio search and display. We are the world leader in sound-matching technology, developing software that gives computers the ability to measure the similarity of sounds, and allowing thousands of hours of audio and video recordings to be searched for relevant audio material in seconds. FindSounds Pallette and search engine. Grass Valley, CA.
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DAISy - Digital Audio Industry Supply  - Supplying products and technology from Philips for the high-end audio and video manufacturing industries. Parts and part kits supporting CD, SACD and DVD players, tuners. Saint Ouen l'Aumone, France.
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Dolby Labs  - The Double-D is one of the most familiar logos in audio. Dolby develops and licenses technology and hardware addressing noise reduction, audio compression, surround sound, data transmission, and recently virtual surround representation. San Francisco, CA.
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DVD-Audio Introduction  - Informative site maintained by Disctronics Manufacturing, the independant UK-based DVD and CD mastering, replication and distribution company.
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FindSounds  - A free search site (like Google) where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Developed and operated by Comparisonics, the world leader in sound-retrieval technology. Grass Valley, CA.  choice 
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Lake Technology  - Lake Technology (formerly Lake DSP) has been developing audio hardware and software products and licensable technologies for the automotive, telecommunications, professional audio and acoustic research fields, since 1991. Highlights include Lake Contour for live sound systems, Dolby Headphone / Dolby Virtual Speaker digital signal processing algorithms for consumer electronics. Sydney, Australia.
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Magnetic Audio Devices - HPV Technologies  - Magnetic Audio Devices (MADô) is a surface array technology using full-range planar magnetic drivers to create a single configurable plane of radiating energy. Arrays can be constructed for various applications, and develop array coupling and pattern control behavior in both horizontal and vertical domains. Array panels require no cabinet, crossover, time-offset correction, mid- and low-frequency cone drivers or compression drivers. Costa Mesa, CA.  choice 
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