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Saturday, May 18

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Pro Audio : Organizations

American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association
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American Songwriters Network (ASN)  - A professional songwriting organization that provides monthly music industry leads on our monthly tipsheet. If you are a prolific songwriter or publisher who demos your own material, this organization is the one for you. It can help you get your material to the right people.
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Association of Imaging Technology and Sound (ITS)  - The recognized trade association servicing the worldwide professional community of businesses that provide creative and technical services in film, video, and sound. We are the largest and most influential professional organization representing the postproduction industry. Our members are CEOs and top executives from post facilities, manufacturers and suppliers as well as editors, engineers, colorists, animation teams, technical editors, graphic designers, audio designers and editors, audio mixers, on-line and off-line editors, and producers. Vienna, VA.
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Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS)  - Our primary aim is to develop and maintain excellence at all levels within the audio industry of the United Kingdom. Our members are recording studios, post-production houses, mastering, replication, pressing and duplicating facilities, and providers of education and training, as well as record producers, audio engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants. Organizer of the annual Recording Technology trade show in the UK. London, England.
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Audio Engineering Society  - The only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Membership consists of professionals in audio production, research and development, acoustics, consulting, sales, installation and education for the audio industries. AES presents major conferences and conventions throughout the world. New York, NY.
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Audio Engineering Society  - The only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Membership consists of professionals and engineers in audio production, acoustics, audio electronics, research, education, sales, consulting and installation. AES presents conventions and audio industry trade shows throughout the world. New York, NY.
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British Kinematograph Society (BKSTS)  - To encourage, sustain, educate, train and represent all those who, creatively or technologically, are involved in the business of providing moving images and associated sound in any form and through any media. Originally called The British Kinematograph Society, the society was founded in 1931 to serve the growing film industry. The title was later changed to The British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society to reflect the members' wide range of interests. London, England, branches in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton.
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Broadcast Education Association (BEA)  - The critical link between the college professors who teach tomorrowĖs radio and television employees and the professionals working in the broadcasting industry. BEA advances this interaction in order to produce employees with that unique combination of a liberal arts education and the practical skills essential for employment in the radio, television and electronic media industry. Washington, DC.
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Cinema Audio Society (CAS)  - The Cinema Audio Society was formed in 1964 for the purpose of sharing information with Sound Professionals in'the Motion Picture and Television Industry. Active Members are Mixers (Production and Post Production, Film and Video) who work on Feature Films,'Television, and Commercials, as well as Mixers who specialize in Music Scoring, Video Post Sweetening, A.D.R.'and Foley. Associate Members are Sound Specialists, such as Sound Editors, Technicians, Recordists, and Microphone'Boom Operators. Corporate Membership is open to companies in the Audio and Video Fields. Valley Village, CA.
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Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)  - The definitive source of information about the consumer electronics industry in the U.S., and presenter of the huge annual Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). Arlington, VA.
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DVD Forum  - An ad-hoc association of hardware manufacturers, software firms and other users of Digital Versatile Discs, created for the purpose of exchanging and disseminating ideas and information about the DVD Format and its technical capabilities, improvements and innovations. More than 100 members, steering the specification of DVD formats.
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Rate This Site   (Added: 29-Jan-1999 Hits: 139 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)

Institute of Broadcast Sound  - UK-based professional association for practitioners in broadcast radio and TV sound. Membership 750+. Members are Sound Supervisors, Location Recordists, Dubbing mixers, Grams ops, Boom ops etc.
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International Federation of the Phonograph Industry (IFPI)  - Founded in 1993. The international trade association representing some 1,300 record producers in over 70 countries around the world. Members range from the major international record companies (BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner) to small independent producers. National Groups representing local record companies are'officially recognised by IFPI in 39 countries, and RIAA (Recording'Industry Association of America) and FLAPF (Federaci€n Latinoamericana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas) are also affiliated to IFPI. Based in London, England.
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International Music Products Association (NAMM)  - Trade organization known primarily for its huge industry shows twice each year:' the NAMM International Music Market (LA, January) and the NAMM Summer' Session (Nashville, July). NAMM also sponsors USA pavilions at the Musikmesse in' Frankfurt, Germany (March).
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International Recording Media Association (IRMA)  - Advocate for the growth and development of all recording media, and the industry forum for the exchange of information regarding global trends and innovations. Membership includes magnetic and optical media manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers, packaging materials and supplies manufacturers, manufacturers of recording and playback equipment, rights holders, audio/video tape duplicators and optical disc replicators, and process equipment manufacturers. Princeton, NJ.
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Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio  - A public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting excellence in audio, video, music and other communications media arts, established in 1990 by the publishers of Mix, the magazine for professionals in recording and sound. The Foundation supports organizations that work to educate professionals and the public about the growing problem of noise-induced hearing loss, and endows various scholarship programs for students of the communications media arts. Sponsor of the annual TEC Awards. Walnut Creek, CA.
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Music Producers Guild of the Americas (MPGA)  - For music producers and audio engineers. Exists to provide a forum for the healthy development of the profession. The MPGA brings a collective and experienced voice to the dynamic issues of the music recording industry.
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National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)  - Best known as the organizer and host of the annual GRAMMY? Awards for the music and recording industry. The membership includes more than 10,000 musicians, producers and other recording professionals, and the organization is also active in numerous ot
Rate This Site   (Added: 23-Mar-1999 Hits: 233 Rating: 9 Votes: 1)

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)  - Representing the Radio and Television industries in the U.S. Membership includes commercial broadcasters, and Associate Membership is also available to individuals and companies around the world that provide products and services to the electronic media industries. Organizers of the annual NAB Convention, trade show, and Radio Show in Las Vegas (April). Washington, DC.
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