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  Top: Pro Audio: Education

Pro Audio : Education

Aguila Music Enterprises  - 3 Day sound course for churches. On how to run the church sound system. Hauppage, NY.
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Audio Courses  - Online audio education available anywhere in the world. City and Guilds Sound Engineering Part Qualification available. Study at home and get qualififed. Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.
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Audio Recording Technology Institute  - Nationally accredited audio school offering career training in music recording, editing sound for video and film, sound design, sound effects design, radio and TV audio production, project master engineering, mastering for CD, multi-track recording studios, audio for video, broadcast, and post production facilities. Orlando, FL.
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California Recording Institute  - We offer a two-year Audio Producer Associate Degree Program, a 3-month or 9-month Recording Arts and Technology Certificate Program, and a variety of short Extension Classes. The programs provide a sound balance of theory and application. Classes cover the skills and techniques required of a professional recording engineer, and provide the techniques and experience required to master them. The classes are extremely hands-on intensive on state-of-the-art equipment. San Francisco, CA.
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Career Connection  - Go to recording engineer school in a major studio. Learn pro audio in an actual recording studio in your town, your teacher is a working pro who trains you one-on-one. Training program available in every town in the USA and Canada. W. Hollywood, CA.
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Center for Digital Imaging and Sound - CDIS  - Established in 1979, CDIS is a leading Canadian educator in entertainment technology. We currently offer programs in the 'recording arts,' and students have access to multimillion dollar recording facilities. Burnaby, BC, Canada.
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Eastern Monroe Radio and TV Broadcasting Program  - Part of the Eastern Monroe Career Center in the Rochester, NY area.
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EMBA - Escuela de M?sica de Buenos Aires  - Private music academy offering courses in audio recording and production. Argentina.
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Ex'pression Center for New Media  - Programs designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for trained, talented professionals in the digital visual media and sound arts. You bring your passion, energy and dedication; we'll provide the latest hardware and software, an experienced and caring staff, and a network of industry professionals to give you a healthy head start. Our Sound Arts Comprehensive Program offers 2100 hours of Total Immersion training in Recording & Production, Acoustics, Live Sound, MIDI, Music Theory, Studio Maintenance, and more. San Francisco, CA.
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Full Sail Real World Education  - Career training in Recording Arts, Show Production and Touring, Digital Media, Film and Video, Computer Animation and Game Design. Winter Park, FL.  choice 
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Get A Mentor  - On-the-job, one-on-one apprentice/mentor training for careers in radio and TV broadcasting, recording arts, film and video production. Train as a recording engineer, live sound technician or music producer, in a professional recording studio or record company. Hollywood, CA.
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High End Pro  - Premiere pro audio shop providing recording equipment, keyboards, software, DJ and lighting. 850 sq.ft. studio on site to demo all high end gear. Also offering classes in engineering. Lifetime technical support on all purchases. Worcester, MA.
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IMW Audio Excellence  - Training in sound recording (including mixing in 5.1 surround sound) and music technology for the music industry. Hands-on learning on our SSL 4000 G+ console. Certificate and diploma courses. London, UK.
Rate This Site   (Added: 4-Jun-2003 Hits: 129 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)  - Information on audio recording for beginners. Learn about digital audio and what is necessary to start a recording studio. Topics include microphones, digital audio, computer recording and more. Lebanon, PA.
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Los Angeles Recording Workshop  - We offer state-of-the-art training in a world-class facility. We offer both Regular Programs and Short Courses. Hands-on training on Solid State Logic, ProTools, Avid1000, Arri, Steadicam etc.
Rate This Site   (Added: 10-Jan-2001 Hits: 552 Rating: 8.97 Votes: 9)

Massachusetts Communications College  - A private college offering degrees in Recording Arts and Music Management. You'll get a solid grounding in multitrack recording, critical listening and computer music. If you choose the business side, you'll work on real-world issues like negotiations between artist and management, publishing rights, budgeting, radio airplay and distribution. Boston, MA.
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Microphone University  - Online reference and training from DPA Microphones (B&K). Microphone University offers comprehensive information about microphone technology, theory in using microphones as well as suggestions of how to use microphones in different applications.
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MOSMA | Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts  - Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts has been providing practical and intensive education in audio production for over 14 years. Founded on the basis of creating an environment which would educate students with the fundamentals of audio production and encourage students to work in a creative and collaborative atmosphere with artists, producers, and recording engineers. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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mToolsCenter Protools Training  - Instruction on Pro Tools and/or Digital Performer software basics, including recording audio/Midi, editing and mixing functions.
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Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Techology  - A three-term, forty-six week immersion course designed to quickly and effectively prepare the student for a career in the professional audio recording and audio communications industry. Integrated curriculum design, private tutorials, a 1:5 teacher/student ratio, more direct lab support than any program of its kind, and a full-time, immediately accessible twelve-member faculty are a few of the factors that contribute to the nurture, support and success of our students. London, ON, Canada.
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