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Saturday, May 18

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HiFi Audio : Accessories

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Cabinets, stands, supports.
Argent RoomLens  - Our system allows you to optimize your room's acoustics. RoomLens is a feedback-controlled, modified broadband Helmholtz Resonator that effectively damps unwanted room resonance while positively reinforcing and focusing the polyphonic image produced by an audio system. Also audiophile cables and interconnects, stands and other accessories. Tioga Center, NY.
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Audio Tweakers  - Cables, power cords and conditioning products, shock absorbing hardware and shelving for audiophile systems. 10 Secrets to Better Sound. Buy online.
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Audiophile Accessories  - Mail order hifi accessories: books, cables, isolation, spikes, cones and all audio components. Heatherside, Camberley, UK.
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Aurex CD/DVD Mat  - Clearer sound, a broader stereo field, warmer highs and tighter bass when you place the Aurex AV Mat on the printed side of an audio CD, CD-ROM or DVD and play the disc normally. Online ordering with 30-day money back guarantee. Columbus, OH.
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BassLine  - Basslinear sells BassLine, a new acoustic invention (speaker cabinet wall liner replacement) that helps stop distortion from bass reflex speakers. Enhances car sub boxes, P.A. systems, stage monitors, home entertainment systems, guitar and bass amps. Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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Brass and Granite Audio  - Seller of Nordost speaker cables including bi-wire, interconnects, video. We also carry Z squared power cables. Speaker spikes, granite amp stands and granite audio racks. Also offers porcelain cable stands, a must for your speaker cables. Salem, OR.
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Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT)  - Manufacturer of high quality audio parts for specialty audio (High-End Audio): stepped audio attenuators, phono stage modules and line stage modules. Excellent sonic quality and high reliability. Bangkok, Thailand.
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EARS Audio Distribution  - Exclusive North America distributor for Ultrasone products from Penzberg, Germany: Ultrasone S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound headphones and headsets. Models for home audio and pro studio applications, using the patented S-Logic system to create natural 3D sound perspective without DSP. Franklin, TN.  choice 
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Echo Busters  - Decorative acoustical treatments for audiophile listening rooms. Easy to use and install. Only with an acoustically balanced room can you attain state-of-the-art sound reproduction. Wheatley Heights, NY.
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Electronic Specialists  - We manufacture interference control and protective products for audio, video, communications and computer equipment. Isolation transformers, transmission line protectors, amplifier output filters, power conditioners and isolators. FAQ and application note section. Natick, MA.
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HomeCinema Merchandising  - Paraphernalia and gimmicks for home cinema and home theater. Dolby Digital, DTS and THX logo gear, plaques, posters and apparel. Bonn, Germany.
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Machina Dynamica  - Vibration isolation and resonance control solutions, makers of the Nimbus Sub-Hertz Platform, Brilliant Pebbles and other audio super-toys. Falls Church, VA.
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Musical Industry - Mi-Horn  - Musical Industry LLC makes audio accessories that enhance the performance of mid- and high-end audio and home theater systems. Mi-Horn is an attachable horn (DIY) that comes in 3 different sizes (for tweeters, midrange, small woofers). The horns affix around speaker drivers or to grilles, to improve clarity, power and overall performance of the reproduction system. Comparable to a $10,000 upgrade! The Mi-Roller is an affordable vibration-sensitive electronic component support system. Los Angeles, CA.  choice 
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NeedAGadget  - In-ear headphones by Etymotic and Shure, for audiophiles, audio pros and musicians. Also radio/MP3 ear muffs, home audio accessories. Australian online outlet. Melbourne, Australia.
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Niles Audio  - Our mission is to be the world's leading supplier of products that offer our customers innovative solutions for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems while providing unparalleled quality, convenience, control and value. Systems integration amplifiers, multi-room switching, IntelliPads and IntelliControl systems, loudspeakers, in-wall and indoor/outdoor speakers, iPower power management systems. remote control. Miami, FL.
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Phonograph Needles  - Specialising in replacement phonograph needles (stylus) and cartridges for all makes and models. Also 500,000 phono records, 45s and LPs. Hackensack, NJ.
Rate This Site   (Added: 9-Jan-2001 Hits: 580 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 2) - Audio Replay  - The place to buy phono cartridges, styli and preamps online. Replacement diamond stylus to fit Sanyo/Fisher, Audio Technica, Aiwa, JVC, Sony, etc. Free shipping. W.Springfield, MA.
Rate This Site   (Added: 19-Jul-2003 Hits: 312 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)  - Inouye Technologies. Our AC power line conditioners provide industry-leading protection and performance for high end electronic applications. Vancouver, BC.
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Richard Gray's Power Company  - Richard Gray's legendary AC power conditioning technology for audio and home theater applications. New Orleans, LA.
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SA-S Sound Alignment Systems by Checkpoint  - Endorsed by THX and theater installers in both professional and home theater arenas, the SA-S System is the most effective means to certifiably direct and align any audio system for optimum sound performance and listening quality. SA-S allows exact Laser directional placement of any monitor, satellite, or home theater sound system. Torrance, CA.
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