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 PRODUCT NEWS Scottsdale, AZ, May 14, 2004

Adcom's New GTP-860II 7.1 Channel Tuner/Preamp Offers 'Digital Intelligence With An Analog Soul'

Adcom, the Scottsdale-based audio products manufacturer known for its high-quality audio component separates, has begun shipping a new multichannel tuner/preamp, the fourth in its line of home theater oriented control processors.

The new GTP-860II is a 7.1 multichannel model that retails for $1,500 (US). It's available immediately, in silver or black finish, and it comes with a five-year parts and labor warranty.

Adcom GTP-860ii 7.1-channel Tuner Preamp for Home theater
Adcom's new GTP-860II Multichannel Tuner/Preamp is versatile and simple to set up for a wide variety of custom home theater applications

The GTP-860II features Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic II and DTS processing. In addition, the GTP-860II offers RS232 automation interface, all discrete IR coding, and 6 source-direct outputs for multi-zone applications.

Adcom says the new model is designed to deliver outstanding performance at a reasonable price, as well as uncommon operational simplicity. It can handle a wide range of available source material, making it a versatile option for any number of home audio environments.

"Reliability and performance are critical design components for all of our products," comments Ron James, Adcom's vice president of sales and marketing,

"But equally important to us is how easy the product is to operate for the consumer. We don't add meaningless features, which only serve to needlessly complicate the product and raise its price. The GTP-860II is easy to understand and operate, and delivers outstanding audio and video performance. At the same time, it is very versatile and simple to set up for a wide variety of custom home theater applications."

The GTP-860II offers Adcom's proprietary 7.1m2 rear channel stereo matrix, which creates a fuller sense of ambiance from rear channels than other 6.1 or 7.1 matrices. In addition to improved spatiality, Adcom 7.1m2 allows all seven channels to operate regardless of whether the source material is 5.1 digital or (in combination with Dolby ProLogic II) analog.

Digital Intelligence With an Analog Soul

"Today our entertainment comes from the digital world. DVD, high definition television, and computer technology offer us an incredible universe of entertainment options. But to experience the new media we need the digital numbers converted into our analog sensory world of sound waves and light. Adcom multichannel preamplifiers are the key to turning the potential of digital entertainment into a high-resolution experience that can touch the senses and move your emotions."

Key Features of the GTP-860II

  • Proprietary 7.1m2 Algorithm
  • Pro Logic II, Dolby, and DTS
  • Class A BiFET Analog Circuitry
  • Pure Path Component Video
  • RDS AM/FM Tuner
  • Source outputs
  • More flexible bass management
  • Enhanced audio performance

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