Harman Expands Use of Peak Audio’s CobraNet to Full Range of Pro Group Brands

The Harman Pro Group – which includes JBL Professional, Soundcraft, BSS Audio, Crown, dbx, DOD, and DigiTech under its umbrella – has extended its license with Cirrus Logic’s Peak Audio division, to cover the use of Peak’s CobraNet technology in all of Harman Pro’s brands.

CobraNet is enabling technology for distributing uncompressed digital audio in real time over a Fast Ethernet network, aimed at professional audio applications.

Harman Pro’s BSS and Crown International brands currently offer products using CobraNet technology. By adding the remaining Pro Group brands to the license, Harman can expand its implementation of CobraNet, and provide for an expanded range of products and devices to be interfaced via CobraNet.

“We are very pleased to expand our relationship with one of the premier names in the audio industry, and to see CobraNet technology represented in the some of the finest audio products available worldwide,” said Rich Zwiebel, vice president, Commercial Audio, Cirrus Logic.

“CobraNet utilization in such products as Prosys PS-8810 from BSS and the Crown IQ PIP USP2/CN has helped to raise the standard for distributed, real-time digital audio, and we are hopeful that this agreement is the beginning of more world-class applications of CobraNet technology worldwide.”

Cirrus Logic acquired the assets of Peak Audio in 2001.

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