Roland’s Version 2.011 OS Update Turns VS-2480 Workstations Into Full-Featured Control Surface for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase

Roland has announced a major software upgrade for both the VS-2480HD and VS-2480CD Digital Studio Workstations. Introduced in 2001, the VS-2480 series was the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing, full mouse-based waveform editing, moving-fader automation, and optional on-board CD burning.

The new Version 2.011 System Software features a comprehensive Control Surface Mode. The new mode allows the operator to use the buttons, knobs, and motorized faders of the VS-2480 to control parameters of many popular software-based recording and sequencing programs.

Roland's powerful VS-2480 audio workstations become full-featured controllers for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Performer, and other recording software applications with the new Version 2.011 OS

This hands-on style of control frees the user from the constraints of mouse-based mixing. With its plethora of buttons, knobs, faders, and transport controls, the VS-2480 makes an excellent control surface for use with practically any software application.

The new software includes several pre-configured templates that map the VS-2480’s buttons, knobs, and faders to key parameters of popular computer-based sequencing and recording programs. Included are templates for Emagic Logic 5™, Steinberg Cubase™, and a HUI™ template for any software application that can be controlled by Mackie’s HUI controllers, such as Digidesign ProTools™ and Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer™.

This update essentially turns the VS-2480 into a fully capable hardware controller for most audio recording and MIDI sequencing applications.

Version 2.011 also allows VS-2480 owners to design their own user templates for controlling and editing other programs or any hardware that responds to MIDI control. This means a musician can perform most major operations for supported programs directly from the VS-2480 without having to use the computer’s mouse or keyboard.

In addition to the Control Surface Mode, Version 2.011 enhances the VS-2480’s compatibility with the VS-2400CD Digital Studio Workstation. The 2480 can open and read sessions created in a VS-2400CD, and sessions created in the VS-2480 can be saved as a VS-2400 project. This provides totally seamless compatibility and exchange of song data and tracks between these two popular workstations.

Version 2.011 System Software is now available as a free download from the Roland US website. VS-2480HD and VS-2480CD owners can find the download at

Roland U.S. Web Site

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