Software Upgrades for Current Owners

Not wanting to leave its user base of 30 million Sound Blaster owners out in the cold, Creative also announced at COMDEX that it will offer software upgrades to current users. The upgrades will be made available at retail, directly from Creative, and from Creative’s web site “Creative Zone”.

A trial version of the upgraded technology, called NetSynth, will be available from the web site in December. The plan is to make the new technology widely accessible to all PC users in order to raise the standard and broaden the installed base of Sound Blaster enabled users.

Upgrades for Sound Blaster 16 users will offer Creative WaveSynth, adding 32-note polyphonic wave synthesis and an effects engine. For Sound Blaster AWE32 owners (or SB32 with added RAM), the upgrade will also include the Sondius WaveGuide technology, effectively bringing

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