QSound’s QXpander Arrives in Japan via AIWA

Calgary, Canada. QSound Labs has announced the entry of its QXpanderâ„¢ surround sound technology into the Japanese consumer electronics market. AIWA Co. Ltd. has recently introduced a QXpander-enhanced multimedia speaker in Japan.

According to the company, this is the first of several projected products using QSound’s patented surround sound technology that AIWA will introduce in Japan. The products are targeted at both the computer peripheral and consumer electronics markets. All will include QSound’s QXpander analog chip, which is manufactured, under license, by Mitsumi Electric Co. of Japan.

AIWA has a history of industry innovation. It produced Japan’s first cassette tape recorder, first stereo cassette deck and it was the first company to manufacture DAT hardware. Representatives of QSound Labs say they are “very pleased that AIWA now has another first, with its introduction of QSound-enhanced products.”

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