Developers Get Added Support: Brian Eno Leads the Way

Creative also paid due attention to the all-important producers and developers, without whom the new hardware features won’t mean a whole lot to many consumers. The company will release a range of tools for developers, including API’s, hardware and software. The developer tools will provide support for DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 environments.

Leading the way in creating new application capabilities for Sound Blaster, Creative’s COMDEX booth was showing off composer/producer Brian Eno’s “Generative Music 1,” a real-time computer-generated composition for the PC that creates evolving musical pieces each time it is played. Creative’s cards with the EMU8000 music chip (AWE series) are the only sound cards capable of supporting Eno’s piece, composed with SSEYO Ltd.’s Koan Pro authoring software.

Eno used the software to construct a set of automatic controls for more than 150 musical and sonic parameters supported by the AWE cards. “The works I have made with this system symbolize to me the beginning of a new era in music,” said Brian Eno. “Like live music, it is always different. Like recorded music, it is free of time-and-place limitations: you can hear it when you want and where you want.”

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