Shockwave, Audioactive, Capitol Records and George Clinton… Together At Last!

Los Angeles, CA. George Clinton, Capitol Records New Media, Macromedia and Telos Systems are ganging up to offer a live audio cybercast concert tomorrow evening (Nov.21).

Capitol New Media will use Telos’ Audioactive technology to deliver the cybercast of Clinton’s “Live From the Mothership” concert in live Shockwave audio over the Internet, direct from the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. The webcast begins at 8:15pm (PST), at the Macromedia web site.

Macromedia Shockwave, one of the leading standards for Internet multimedia, has been combined with Audioactive to provide the highest quality live audio on the web. The combined system delivers live audio via MPEG2 Layer III compression, encoded in realtime by Telos Systems hardware. Surfers can hear the webcast using the standard Shockwave plug-in with their favorite web browser. Macromedia claims that 12 million Shockwave plug-ins are in use.

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